Filling materials
Starting with the pillow, it’s important to ascertain the sleeping habits of our customers. People who sleep on their sides require a firm pillow to offer that all too important support for necks. For those who sleep on their backs, a high down content is required for a softer feel to support the natural curvatures of the cervical spine (vertebrae in the neck). Gender also plays a role, for example, a man sleeping on his side may require a higher pillow than that of a woman.
The other very important question is, duck or goose feather or down. And if that is a mixture of feather and down, then what is the proportion of mixture that is required. All of this depends on the required level of comfort, and of course on the financial opportunities.
The filling of our duvets, mainly contains down, which comes in 3 dimensions ( the feather has only 2 dimensions and that is unable to provide remarkable thermal insulation ). The size of down cluster depends on the size and age of the waterfowl which significantly affects the result.
Our company does not use synthetic filling for our products, as they do not insulate heat as well as natural fillings. They are also not as breathable which creates an uncomfortable feel and also are more likely to create an environment for mites. Thus, these materials do not represent an acceptable standard.
We take into consideration the longevity of our pillows and quilts. Our products could be considered an investment. For example, given the right maintenance of our superior quality down, could potentially serve it’s owner for 60-70. Even our grandchildren would be able to have satisfactory use of our products.





The following facts might help you to navigate and choose:

Goose down cluster is larger than duck down cluster, so it can more air for insulation. When comparing a down duvet of equal size, the duck duvet has approximately 87% of the insulating power found in a goose down. This data of course depends on the quality of down, because the premium class duck down is much better than a low quality goose down.
Because of the difference of their eating habit ( a traditionally free ranged goose mainly eats grass and produces less tallow on its feather), goose down has fewer odour problems than duck down.
Pillows with down filling lasts longer and are more flexible and much warmer than a feather pillow.
It is possible to have a mixture of down and feathers to accommodate customer needs and  affordability, for all sorts of individual needs at different ratios. For example in 15%, 30% or 50% down content.
The larger size down cluster comes from matured animals, which gives more filling power and better quality, its durability measurable for decades, traps more air, which is essential for excellent insulation. The filling power shows volume filling capacity per down unit. The higher number of filling power means better insulation capability and quality, and of course the price also reflects this. This needs less amounts of better quality filler to achieve the desired goal, which results in a lighter quilt, improving the quality of relaxation and well-being.
Do not forget about our superb quality of Hungarian goose down and feathers overall, there is no competitor in the world! They are unbeatable in price and quality! And finally, we can provide for those of more luxurious. Have you ever heard about the Eiderduck down? This rare north duck-like waterfowl builds nests in Iceland and the Faroe Islands in June. The female plucks its breast and uses the soft and plump down to pad the nest to protect its young from the freezing cold. After the ducklings are able to fly away and nests are abandoned, local experts begin the patient work of collecting the precious eiderdown under strict supervision from authorities ( only 10-15 grams maximum are permitted to collect per nest ). A limited number of eiderdown duvets are available on the world market. Good to know, more Ferraris are produced than eiderdown duvets in one year!