Our duvets ( like our pillows ) are produced from an excellent quality of raw materials, only. Their fabric can be down proof cotton, silk or satin and in different colour and quality variations. We can add an inner cover to non-downproof fabrics. The range of filling proportions can be from 50-50% down-feather mixing ratio, up to 100% down content.

We have duvet selections for summer/winter and a variant for all four seasons, to serve its owner throughout the year. The summer and winter versions are sorted into 1 – 5 thermal units, depending on their insulation abilities ( 5 being the warmest ).
Duvet for summer use is mainly made in sewing through style while the winter type is in buffle box. We can change the amount and quality of filling material in the summer quilt to reach the right thermal unit. Because the sewing through style offers limited space for the amount of filling, we use a different method for winter use. The buffle box has inside buffle which makes the shell „thicker” (up to 7 cm), giving more space for more filling to achieve better insulation.
The four seasons duvet is the combination of the summer duvet and the winter duvet, which are set together by buttons or snap fasteners.
Like pillows, quilts can also be made with functional designs. For example, making their cooling or heating properties more efficient, and the zoned system, where different amount and quality of filling material are filled into the isolated chambers.
Any duvet or pillow can be personalised by built in decorations ( band, piping, etc.), printed fabrics or handmade based on the customer’s imagination, using a wide range of filling, textile, colours and sizes.