Animal welfare

Although for an outsider it might seem very simple how the feather and down become filling of bedding, in fact the production process requires complex, sophisticated machinery. Additionally, the procedure consists of different operations building on one another, so it requires time. All this is necessary, so that the consumers can rest among completely clean, healthy pillows and quilts suitable for their needs of comfort. 

The procedure starts with the recollection of feather and down originating from geese and ducks kept under strictly controlled circumstances. These are already pre-washed in the slaughterhouses, only after this do they arrive to the factories of processing companies. Here the raw material is being washed with chemicals and tumble dried, followed by drying at 110-120 grades Celsius and sterilization. Feather and down cleaned this way is guaranteed to be free of bacteria and virus.

In the following stage of processing, precision equipments sort the feather and down according to their size; later on these are being re-mixed according to the market standards and costumer requirements. This is one of the reasons, why we experience during our journeys, that the softness of pillows is different, and quilts are lighter or heavier in our hotel rooms of USA, Canada or Asian countries.