Down & feather

Why is Hungarian down good?
The natural conditions of our country- its climate, greenery, great areas of water side habitats- provide excellent conditions for the life of the waterfowl. The high quality, healthy filling of the bedding comes from the plumage of geese and duck kept here, and with the help of adequate expertise based on century-long experience, the products and producers of the Hungarian industry have become world-wide famous. 

The quality of down and feather is watched by the farmers already during the keeping of the animals. The birds are fed only with good quality feed of natural basis, the health of the ducks and geese is checked constantly and in case of suspecting any illness- according to the interest of the whole stock- they separate and start to vet animals in question. The strict control is valid not only for the animal keeping, but also for the processing of the feather, starting from the recollection through cleaning and classifying to the final usage. These high quality expectations and internationally acknowledged standards guarantee that the outstanding raw material results in outstanding, premium category items, that truly make Hungary be proud of them.