Bio Secured Hungarian Down

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In recent years, the topic of public health is becoming more and more pronounced. New viruses, sicknesses emerge affecting both humans and animals. 

This also changes how consumers approach end-products, especially animal by-products. SafeDown was announced as a response to a clear need for a health safety label, which collects health certifcations, documents, and information, and makes them available to partners and customers in the industry.

SafeDown is in line with the strictest health rules in the world, the European Union’s health rules regarding animal by-products. It is supported by additional documents and certificates.

The SafeDown label ensures that the product meets the highest requirements regarding the health and hygiene of the animals and their by-products, during each step of the manufacturing process.

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Every party of the Hungarian supply chain, every shipment - from the breeders to final distribution - is being overseen by a government authority, such as a state veterinarian. The purpose of SafeDown is to introduce the customers to each step taken to ensure the highest possible health and hygiene standards of our products.

Users of the SafeDown label - be it distributors or end customers - can be assured that their product is 100% safe from any health hazard, such as bird-flu and other infectious diseases harmful to humans.

The whole supply chain is HACCP conformed and controlled by state veterinarian authorities.

For every shipment, each and every member of the supply chain is required to substantiate and also receive state health certifications certified by a veterinarian authority.


This includes

  • The breeders - For mother geese and mother ducks
  • Each egg is checked at the hatcheries
  • Goslings and ducklings on pre-raising and raising farms
  • Raised Geese and ducks before and during processing
  • Every domestic and international waterfowl feather shipment
sourcing steps

The down is controlled repeatedly, on multiple levels, from the very source to the final product, guaranteeing it’s absolute hygiene and safety.

safedown certification

SafeDown certified down buyers are also
provided with a signed SafeDown
Certification for their shipment, and
optional clothing tags.

This new addition fits perfectly into the Hungarian Down Traceability Ecosystem, as HDTS certifies the Hungarian origin of the product, and SafeDown ensures compliance with the European Union’s strictest biosecurity requirements.

The SafeDown enhancement is available with every product and shipment containing Hungarian Goose Down and Hungarian Duck Down, from Hungaria Down Ltd..

We place great emphasis on our product’s hygiene and safety, and we hope you are satisfied with our efforts.