Hungaria Down Ltd. is located in the south-east region of Hungary in the town of Mezőkovácsháza. This region has one of the best agricultural areas of the country, where growing plants and livestock breeding has long history.
A long legacy of valuable techniques and methods, have been cultivated and passed along for generations of local goose breeders. This has contributed to a consistent high level and standard of raw materials, which we are fortunate enough to use in our products.
Our company has a long history to look back upon. We would like to share with you, the key milestones of our companies past.

1975 – the local Cooperative ( named ÁFÉSZ ) create quilts plant in Mezőkovácsháza, deal with sewing duvets as main profile, produce brocade duvets, laying the foundations for our present-day reputation.
– became a supplier of Blue Pon Company by Dieter Volker Frankfurter Bettfederfabric is set in broke into the Japanese market.
1987 – site expansion became necessary due to the increased demand.
1988 – begins exporting to the United States, which is currently ongoing.
1989 – mass interest and great success can be booked in the home textile exhibition in Frankfurt and Tokyo ( Japanese Crown Prince also made respect at our stand ). After the show we begin to export to Japan on our own.
1991 – after the bankruptcy of ÁFÉSZ, four Japanese investors buy 100 % of the factory ownership.
2002 – after a steady and successful decade, the Hajdú D+F Ltd. buys 90 % of ownership back from the Japanese.
2011 – Negotiation starts with the Swedish IKEA representatives, with the result that production toward the new market will begin from 2013.
2015 – the Japanese Blue Pon Company sells the residual 10 % of its ownership for the Hajdú D+F Ltd. who now has become a safe sole owner.
2017 – the Hungaria Feather Processing Ltd. changes its name to Hungaria Down Processing Ltd. which carries changes in its image and renewal in the spirit of continuous development, with a technically highly experienced and cohesive team in the background.