Useful advice for the happy owners

1. Pillow fights can be great fun, we all love it. Pillows love it too. They find it rather refreshing.

2. You can use protective covers to keep your pillows and quilts cleaner for longer. Use of oily creams negatively influences the lifetime of products.

3. You can spoil your bedding occasionally by ventilating them. They are very happy when hanging together on a lovely, sunny and dry day on the washing line but they dislike direct and strong sunlight.

4. You can help to air out moisture that your duvet absorbed overnight by turning them over every morning. It is recommended that you shake them out before you go to bed, this will freshen them up with air, making them lighter.

5. Always follow the advice and instructions! Majority of them are washable at home and they will not take it as punishment. The most important thing after washing them is they must be perfectly dry, use of tumble dryer with tennis balls could be the best.