Our company produces cushions or pillows for sleeping purposes. They don’t only differ by name but by their filling and shell diversity too, including size, colour and shape differences which create almost infinite possibilities.

The shells of our cushions are made from optical brightener free, white cotton and mainly uses feather as filling. Their ornate covers feature patterns, materials and shapes ( bolster, triangle, round, square, rectangular, etc.), which can be made to customer specifications.
The hardness of our sleeping pillows as mentioned in “Filling Materials” is regulated by the ratio of feathers to down, coupled with the filling weight.
The multi-chamber pillow types were designed for enhancing the feeling of comfort. The two-chamber type is double sided and has two different fillings with different properties on each side. for example 100% feather filling on one side, which is favourable for summer use, combined with the 50-50 feather-down content in the other side which is warmer at winter. Thanks to the better filling power of down, in addition we get better support for our necks.
The three-chamber type represents luxury. It is very similar to the two-chamber type but raising them to a superior level with the addition of an inner, third chamber. The difference of the filling materials in the inner chamber and the two outer chambers give extra comfort and even better support for the user.